Javier Orozco, Chicago Correspondent, Rock Expert an An Accountant

His love for rock music began when he was 6 years old and received a present from a relative ‘A Queen Cassette’, that’s when he felt in love with Rock ‘N Roll.

He is an accountant from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and also has a Master’s from Universidad de los Andes. At age 16 years he was already involved in a bunch of music activities (such as choir, guitar and drums). When he graduated from college, he continued improving his guitar and drumming skills, he now plays the bass. He’s been collecting music in all the available formats and has attended to several festivals and live concerts. In 2007, he moved to Chicago to obtain his CPA and MBA. Once he landed in the windy city, he has gone to almost every single rock concert and festival, getting to see the most relevant major rock artists.

Contact our Chicago Musical Correspondent at jorozco@newssic.com Or follow him on Twitter @xavirocker