Diane E Coppini

Diane E Coppini, Music Journalist, Radio Host, Music Critic and VO Talent

She began her career at age 18 writing for the Latin Magazine Conmoción in Miami, then studied classical music and percussion at Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil de Colombia.  Afterwards, she moved to the USA, where she continued her studies. Diane started in the radio industry as an entertainment journalist at Radio Súper 710 AM in Medellín, then hosted the show ‘El Brunch’ at the web radio station Superestación, and later became part of the staff of RCN Radio where she worked as a DJ. She also hosted and directed ‘El Foro de la Noche’ at 94.9 FM. Diane’s show ranked the best audience in the whole country within two months and was aired for over a year in Bogotá. She later became Colombia correspondent for VIP Latino Magazine New York where she worked for three years. Diane E Coppini currently records ‘Cineskp’ twice a week for La Cadena Rumba España in Barcelona, and is Music Director and Radio Host of Newssic Broadcasting System Inc. 

Contact our Music Director and Radio Host at musicdirector@newssic.com Follow her on Twitter @dcoppini